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On Point & To The Point

ProScribes is the corporate moniker adopted by Patti Murphy, award winning journalist, analyst and commentator whose work has informed decisionmakers in banking & payments for more than 40 years.

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Here's the Inside Scoop on Patti

Patti is an award-winning writer & self-proclaimed Payments Maven of the Fourth Estate whose reporting and commentaries have long been a feature of industry publications. These days, Patti is Senior Editor at The Green Sheet and Co-Host of the Merchant Sales Podcast.  

Patti also helps Corporate clients develop and refine messaging around financial technologies and payments.

What Patti Can Do For Your Organization

Messaging that is on point & to the point

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Content Development

Informed messaging, that's creatively practical & ready- made for:

  • Web

  • Mobile 

  • Print

  • Multimedia

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Communications offerings that run the gamut, from email campaigns to ebooks. If you struggle putting thoughts to words, you need a professional wordsmith. You need ProScribes.

Live Interview

Media Relations

Media coverage can be a powerful marketing tool. Build credibility through:

  • Press Releases

  • Original Content

  • Article Placement

What Clients are Saying

James Shepherd,

CC Sales Pro

Patti possesses the unique combination of deep payments expertise and fantastic writing skills. She is perfectly positioned to leverage these talents to write compelling copy for payments companies that they can use to educate and sell merchants as well as recruit agents.

Drew Rute

Rate Zero

If you're looking for help crafting messages that drive results, I highly recommend Patti Murphy. She's a skilled writer and marketer with a deep understanding of how to create effective communication that resonates with audiences. She will help you to create clear and impactful messaging that will drive results for your business.

Laura McHale Holland

Editor-in-Chief, The Green Sheet

Patti isn't just a superb writer; she is a unique and valuable voice within the merchant services space
John Leekley
Patti possesses a unique understanding of the entirety of the payments space, from checks to real-time payments, and everything in between. Her writing stands out for its clarity and conciseness.
Patti's clients have included:
  • 2 of the Top 5 U.S. banks
  • 2 of the top 4 payment networks
  • Leading trade associations, including the American Bankers Association and NACHA - the Electronic Payments Association
  • ISOs 
  • Numerous financial technology providers
  • Dozen of financial and technology publications
Joe Spatarella
Prolific Banking
Patti understands & is able to expertly explain just about anything that goes on in the payments space to just about anyone, from the owner of a local bodega to C-suite executives.
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